Ground Anchor Lock

Evening all.

I have just bought a brand new Honda CBR300R (red) and am looking to keep it as safe as possible. I don’t have a garage so it has to be kept in my front garden on a sort of drive way, and I already have a thick oxford chain and an disk lock alarm. However, in the past year around 20 motorcycles and scooters have been stolen around my area, from roads, pavements, driveways… all sorts! A couple of occasions 4 blokes turned up in a van, put two metal bars through the wheels and simply picked up the bike and put it in the back of the van. So, of course, these measures may not always work.

I am looking to get a ground anchor to put the chain through to make it as hard as possible to steal - does anyone have any recommendations as to which ones would be best? Or even any companies that would do it for me, as I know some anchors require a concrete block rather than being bolted into the ground.

Cheers. Dan.

I have a Pragmasis Torc anchor. Does the job and has held well for last few years. Bolts into existing concrete, either with expanding rawl bolts or with capsules of resin to drop into the holes you drill to bond to bolts. I found the chaps at Pragmasis very helpful too when quizzed on fitting.

Oxford chain won’t last 10 seconds with bolt croppers

In short (it’s been covered a lot on here but the search function isn’t working at present):

  • chains with links under 14mm diameter can be cut with bolt croppers, 16mm diameter is generally recommended and Almax are the brand name that everyone knows - other 16mm diameter chains are available and are almost certainly no less secure. 19mm diameter chains are available but very heavy and IMO are overkill.
  • If you get a thick chain, make sure the ground anchor you get is big enough to take it.
  • Ground anchors need to be bolted into solid concrete and it ought to be level so there’s nowhere to get a prying bar underneath. Tarmac, paving stones, brick and carpet are not good enough. If you have solid concrete then it’s just a case of drilling a few holes, bolting it down and doing something to fill up the allen key holes in the bolts so they can’t be undone (usually a drop of resin or ball bearings hammered into the hole.
  • My guess is that most motorbike ground anchors are similarly secure, some can be folded flat, some are cast into concrete, some ae bolted down - depends on your preference/circumstances to a large extent.

I got mine here, other suppliers are available.

I have a defiant ground anchour
And two almax 19mm chains
& one daisy
And I cover my bike
And I also have two little surprises should someone get though the above

Also, check out these tips on security:

also consider chaining your bike to a bucket of concrete.

It’s worth getting your insurer’s opinion, because you certainly don’t want to be doing anything that’s just-shy of keeping you covered.

Also, mixing your own concrete’s not terribly hard or expensive, and you’re really not likely to get it wrong enough to cause any problems. I don’t think there’s many thieves going round with hammer drills looking for poorly-poured driveways to dig ground anchors out of.

I asked for recommendations recently -

The anchorman fitted our ground y anchor. However the best anchor is one on a wall. Ones on the floor means that it’s easier to get leverage on your chain with bolt cutters. If your chains not on the floor, it’s much harder to crop.

And a cover is essential. Out of sight, out of mind.

See and look at their videos of them cropping through some of the best known chains in less than a minute, some in much less. I bought their Defiant ground anchor and five Almax chains. If you call them, say i referred you to them and they’ll give you some kind of discount.

Oxford Stormex is a good strong cover with locking loops to lock it down.

I just installed one of these on the floor of my lock up garage. Both bikes chained to each other through the ground anchor with Abus chains and locks. Make it difficult for them. These anchors can also be installed on walls.