Ground achor, Y Frame. Anyone got this and say if it's good?


I wondered if anyone had the Y anchor? Website

I am about to purchase this and wondered if anyone good tell me if it’s good or bad. What anchors has everyone got and which one(s) would you say are the bad/good/best on the market?

Thanks for your help guys and girls.

it’ll only be as good as the concrete you use to set it and the chain you use to tie down your bike

I can see the Y-anchor getting very dirty and filling up with rain unless it has a drain which I’m not seeing

The problem is, you’re going to struggle to find someone to install it if you can’t install it yourself.

Your concrete foundation, if it’s on council property will need planning permission. If it is your own garage, you may end up penetrating the basement membrane for damp proofing.

I tried to find someone to install it, and due to the depth of the anchor, it needs planning permission if you don’t own your own property. It is one of the best designs out there for any anchor if you can get it installed.

FWIW I was going to buy 2 of these - the U one rather than the Y ones. They have drainage pipe at the bottom. The enquiry I made needed an 11 inch deep hole. So i opted for torus bull rings instead :slight_smile:

my exact concern with this anchor though it looks well solid! Raquib look at the Hardie Ground Anchor from the Almax guys if you decide on fixing somin to the ground

I’ve got 1 of these - I find them to be brilliant! Mines set in a block of concrete measuring 4ft x 4ft so it isnt going anywhere! When theres heavy rain sometimes the bit where the chain goes fills up but it soon drains itself off - I use the biggest Almax chain with mine and it fits through fine. My driveway is block paved and my Y anchor sits in place of 1 of the blocks - its a nice and neat install.

I’ve got a Hardie with an Almax Immobiliser chain. Can’t recommend Almax highly enough. Give them a call, they’re incredibly helpful at planning what you need and how to go about the ‘project’!

I put one in my garage when I was building it along with two others I had made up.

The think I like about them over the other ground anchors is that when I remove my chain my floor is clear.

Well worth investigating