Groovy's pro tip of the day

don’t drain engine oil into a quality street tin. they’re not sealed too well.

I’m now going to mop the floor of my garage :frowning:

Trick is to put a carrier bag in the tin first;) obviously check the carrier bag does’nt have holes in it!

Good start to the series Groov - look forward to one EVERY day now, :smiley:

Noted, and like the previous comment, look forward to the next one :slight_smile:

I have one, Don’t front brake really hard when you remember you are passing a speed camera, you will end up on your arse! :smiley:

Me_Groovy’s was funnier and more original than that Dr P, let’s leave it to him to give us a pearl of wisdom every day (want to see how long he can manage to keep them going):smiley:

Plastic is the way forward - in the form of the 855g box of Celebrations :cool:

I’ll have one about unsiezing pistons or taking out carbs tomorrow hopefully. I’m REALLY loving this mechanical fettling, I’m in my element

By the time you’ve eaten a plastic tub of Celebrations you’ll be full of energy too:)

Well sooooorry! :stuck_out_tongue: