Grinding the feck out of my work bike......HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Knee down grinding the hell out of my pegs…gotta aim for elbow down soon.:hehe:

Nice. You’re a loon mate. We should have some fun on the V-twin ride out if the weather stays.

It’s going to be fine and sunny and yes it will be a crack…I have to explain the 5p bet system to make the racing more interesting though.

what’s this? do i have to bring a stack of 5p’s?

It’s very straight forward.

Pick a rider from the program, 5p bet (silly but enough to get you cheering him/her on) if your rider wins outright everybody gives you 10p, if your rider beats everybody elses you get 5p from everybody. Simple but effective.

Only rule is you have to pick the rider before the sighting lap is completed or your bet doesn’t count.

Bagsy Steph Waddlow in the 125’s:D

Mark Cheetham in the T3 cup


you loony dunk! i will come with you to that spot soon! i keep making excuses i know!:smiley:

I see insider knowledge, looks like you better bring your big purse Chunks as you’ll be clearing out me 5p pot. Anything can happen in racing though…:wink: