Grey Imports

Hi LondonBikers. I’m looking at buying a 98 Yam YZF 1000 Thunderarse and I’ve been alerted to the fact that 1998 was a big year for grey imports - if the bike I’m looking at is a grey it could be be restricted to 100 bhp - if it is a grey this won’t show up on an HPI check - the clocks will be in mph also (not kmh like a lot of greys).How can I tell if it’s a grey short of checking the carbs or putting it through a dyno run?

THANKS IN ADVANCE :):):slight_smile:

easiest way is to see if it was first registerd over sees on the log book that will tell you if it is an import , only certain countries have them restrcted for speed as far as i know, i have a feeling its the carb rubbers that restict them my mate used to have one and took a stanley knife to the rubbers which unrestricted it , that was back in the 90’s tho’… sorry edited now thought you ment fzr 1000 so resricting is probally different but log book will tell you if its a import

Cheers S - i’ll check this out :slight_smile: .

I’m not sure if that will tell you tbh. I’ve imported an old scooter before and the logbook has me as first owner (even though this scoot is 20 years old) as there was no history before that. You don’t need any foreign documents to register it strangly enough.

If you give the chassis number to a Yamaha dealer, or Yamaha UK they should be able to tell you which country it was made for, and whether or not it’s restricted to 100bhp (which I think is only bikes bound for France)

Thanks guys - cheers Johnse1 - chassis number sounds like a good route to go down - yep I think it was French bikes restricted to 100 bhp that were imported as greys back in the mid to late 90’s something to do with exchange rates - thanks mate. :slight_smile: