Greetings London Bikers

Hey Hey Everyone!!

I’ve been riding around London for a few years now on various machines… 5 points for the first person to identify my current bike and profession…

Good idea with the newbie nights - I’d like to roll up for that first one next month! THanks Look forward to meeting some of you.

well it aint photographer…LOL…windy miller???



Guess I’m not a taste consultant either - I like that shot

Hey welcome from one newbie to another … job… IT?

just a guess…

any way welcome hope to see you at the Newbie gathering…

close ish … renewable energy engineer

c ya soon for sure.

gosh you give in too easy too…LOL…and i was closer with windy miller !!

dont let on about the bike yet…get them brain cells working you lot id say some sort of Trial bike???..



Hey Kongo Bongo, welcome to LB!

If you have time to spare whilst sitting at the road-side of a dual-carriageway to take a photo, I would guess you’re a copper and are riding a BMW Dakar F650?

Welcome to LB dude

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Good Morning

And welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Welcome to LB!

Hi And welcome to LBs

see you at the next newbie meet at the Ace


A big welcome to LB

Welcome, I would say nice bike but… nice mirror instead.

Heh. Yeaaah. I rode up to Nottingham to collect a set of panniers for my GS and had to stop a few times to stretch out…

I did a Yamaha off road motocross day down near Brighton on Saturday and after a day of sitting up on the tank in corners with one leg sticking out and standing on the pegs on the straights and jumps, I was pretty sore. OK now again though

Good day that moto cross one - it is so different to any of the road riding that I’ve done that I got quite a lot out of it. The way you break the rear away with the throttle out of corners is just good fun and lets face it, how often do you want that on the road?

Anyone here trail ride?

Oh so your one of the riders who takes up half the bay on your GS.

Shame on you but welcome