Greetings From Tenerife

Just to wind you all up, chuffster & I are in Tenerife having a lovely time.

We´re going up Mount Teide tomorrow (where some of the Star Wars films were shot) and then deep sea fishing on a friend´s boat on Wednesday.

Must dash…time to get the bikini out as it´s 21 plus here. Poxy spanish keyboards are all backwards so it´s difficult to type.

Hey, Glad you guys are having fun! Been there many times and got some pics here for you have a preview:

Guys do to see ‘Los Gigantes’ by one of those organised trips by boat! It’s really nice! And yes, you will be mad with the spanish roads and wish you were on your bike! lol

Nice one, have fun.

I did Tenerife a couple of summers back. I did laceType w:st=“on”>MountlaceType> laceName w:st=“on”>TeidelaceName> and Fishing during my visit as well – great fun.

Couple of my recommendations: - Do Mount Teide first thing in the morning - you get to see the sun rise plus your be the first to the top via the cable car, so you should be able to walk to the very top as you’ll be there before the guard who is supposed to stop you wondering to the top without the correct pass.

If you can visit Amarilla Golf and Country Club - The restaurant near the entrance is the best on the Island.

‘Los Gigantes’ - Yep agree with that one as well. - worth the trip.

Me 'n ChrisD have been out on the bikes on clean roads after the rains. Around Beaconsfield and Chesham.

Had a blast.

Jealous you two?


Drat drat drat.

Enjoy the rest eh?

OK…I’m only A LOT jealous sitting here in frigid, windy Kansas reading this. LOL

Seriously, go down to a beach bar and hoist a pint (or two) for me, will you?

And be sure to bring back a ton of pictures to post up too!

Cezar, that’s just vegetation porn

lol! I know someone would ‘pick that’ up! I couldn’t not take that pic… sorry! It was the only ‘flower’ in the middle of that dry place…lol

Good on ya you two, wish it was 21 here, mind you, i don’t look good in a bikini!!!

Doesn´t seem like this lot have heard much about decent bikes. Plenty of scoots, usually 2 up with some right heffer on the back seat. Have today seen a GSXR600 and a couple of 636 ninjas. Found a place that hires out bikes but wouldn´t say that there was anything decent on the list and as I do not have my own kit no way hose.

Got to admit, am enjoying the weather even though it has not been all that sunny.

Hopefully doing some big game fishing tomorrow.

Happy Valentines day to one and all, we are having a good one here.

Hope its going well out there by the sound of it you are having a good time.

So is there going to be a photo of you next to a shark on a boat tomorrow ?