It’s official the C.E.M. has members abroad!!:w00t:

See you soon people!!:D:P

Hey Miggy your bike looks a little worse for wear with the ride home, tighten and lube that chain up as well :smiley:

Yes I am jealous you are there enjoying good weather, shame the scenery is marred by English tacky stuff.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be dining at the Ace than Trotters trotty burger van? :smiley:

Nice pics miggy, not jealous at all!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks rubbish :wink: now bugger off and don’t have any fun ;):smiley:

how come the beach is empty?? very few people around?? is it cold?


nope an old pair of puma boots has cleared the place…


alright for some!!

Making me jelous looking at the sun and beach.

It´s really hot over:D here!

The beach its not so busy because all the tourists have bugger off! wich is a good thing!:wink:

Just wish i had my bike over here and some of you guys to ride with me, the are so twisty!:w00t:

in the first pic the rock on the right hand side i saw a right prat jump off there a few years ago!!! looked real cool floatin face down out cold when he had to be rescued …nice place tho aint it :smiley: