Greetings from Norway

Hello LB’ers,

Me and the Missus have buggered off to Norway last week and my oh my I don’t think I’m ever coming back! Rarely have I seen a country so covered in excellent biking roads. On a recent little tour to Trollstigen and Geirangerford I couldn’t believe what I saw. Climbing up a mountain with a dozen hairpin bends with waterfalls gushing left right and center… Traffic: approximately two cars coming the other way every hour. Met a bunch of cool Finnish riders on a ferry across a fjord and rode with them for half an hour until giving them all due respect for gunning it at 140 kmh down twisty wet mountain roads in the rain and let them go… Gasped at the view in Geirangerfjord coming down the mountain, truly spectacular. Headed back East towards where we’re staying through Jotundheimen national park and enjoyed two hours of sweeping bends at high speed at around 4000 ft about sea level with stunning views all around and no cop in sight, only the occasional cow/goat/sheep on the road to slow down for.

Hat off to Mona for being a great pillion, both on this road trip and the prior 600 mile plus journey over from England, and much respect to Honda for building such a bullet proof bike. Just passed 60,000 miles and crashes or not this bike doesn’t seem it doesn’t wanna bow out yet!

Once I track down the proper lead for my camera I’ll upload some photos and you’ll all be in for a serious treat… See you all later, I’ll spend the next few months learning Norwegian and then see how it goes from there.

Greetings from Norway,

  • Stefan & Mona

Nice one Stefan! Perfect roads? But aren’t the weather conditions so bad most of the year you wouldn’t, or couldn’t go out? Hehehe. Looking forward to the pics!

Well, weather wise I was told the West Coast of Norway had a perfect summer this year with temperatures up to 30 deg. C. It’s true though that in the deep of winter your bike is best left in the garage. Lots of ice and snow and when the roads are passable they are salted, which will eat yer bike right up!

The summers are great though, and even now it’s sunny with temperatures around 15 deg. C, which makes for great riding, although heated grips and nice warm gear are essential. And don’t forget those waterproof overpants in case the weather does catch you out…

All in all though I can only highly recommend this country as a destination to ride in – just make sure you chill yourself out on the “main” E-roads because the police do laser checks and the fines are ridiculously high while the speed limits are ridiculously low. But then, out in the mountains – bombs away

The speed limits are ridiculously low because you are a] looking at the scenery and b] ELG !!! [Moose to you english]

Take care, also, avoid the homebrewed hooch . . .

Superb…cant wait for the Pics.

As I said in the phone call, get settled and I feel a Londonbikers sortie coming on !!

Have fun, speak soon !!.