Greetings from Finsbury Park

Hi everyone.

I’ve been here a while and met a few of you. Been a bit slow with the pic uploads though.

I’m on a K9 GSXR 750. First Suzuki I’ve owned after being a Ninja guy for most of my life. I’ve been riding for a while now. I love going quick just as much as the next guy but I’d rather do it with people who know how to go quick and don’t feel the next to prove it to the person they’re whizzing past on a blind corner that they’ve never ridden before! Having said that I still have a lot to learn.

I’ve done a few tours of the continent. The number 27 road in Luxembourg is some of the greatest tarmac I’ve ever been on :slight_smile: I’d love to get involved in a few trips.

I’ve really enjoyed the ride outs I’ve been on so far. Glad to have found such a great group of people. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys and heading out on some great rides!

See y’all soon,






Hello Mate.

Hello again

You’ll enjoy it around here

Cheers Art! I’m sure I will.

Sam how’s your rear tyre looking?

tidy bike :slight_smile:

Its been fine, not dropped any pressure at all. I’ve not removed the screw just in case. :slight_smile:

Result! :slight_smile:

tell me about it!!

Have you tried nail glue?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: we’ve had some great rides already and definitely good to be with groups where it’s not a constant pissing contest.

I’d like to stress the importance that the nail glue is a TEMPORARY repair…soph hasn’t quite caught onto that little fact!

Not tried it yet as funnily enough it’s not something I stock in my shower bag!

Hello and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

We’re a neighbours then, I live in Holloway.
Will keep an eye out for ya :wink:

welcome fellow gixxer owner!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Slan I’m thinking about developing the nail glue theme further and including a nail buffer as well. I’m sure it would come in handy for scrubbing in new tyres :slight_smile:

Hey Jarrod, nice to finally see you on here :slight_smile: enjoy the mad house :slight_smile:

Welcome! Nice bike !