greetings from essex


im leigh, from essex. im 27 and ride a 600 bandit. i commute down the A13 everyday, and clock up about 15,000 miles a year, through commuting and going to rallies.

i am involved in a couple of bike clubs, the bandit owners club of great britain and the south england streetfighters club, and a rally club, the dead meercats which is just a group of mates who like to party and ride bikes!!

looking forward to having a mooch round the site, and chipping in where i can

thanks for having me


hi there and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



that felt nice, havnt been poked with a newby stick for fecking years!!

Hey leigh, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum!

Hi Leigh…

Welcome to LB…

Where in essex are you …as coming in on the A13 you,ll have to pass me to get to our meet in Cubana…so give me a shout if ya want a lead ride in.

jump in and enjoy !!

welcome to LB u aint seen the size of the newbie stick .where in essex r u .im im grays

Hello and welcome to LB mate - I may see you sometime on that loveley A13…

Hello , welcome to LB

Welcome…where abouts in essex are u based?

Hiya, I too experience the delights of the A13 every day (via the dratford tunnel). Welcome!

i live in grays all.

thanks for the welcome, tuns out a mate of mine has been going to the cubana meet for a couple of weeks.

thanks for the offer of a lead in Barro (i think!!) but i work in holborn, and know where cubana is, so hopefully i will see u all next wednesday

Leigh have fun at LB poke poke lol