Greetings fellow targets!

Born in Birmingham, did the soldier and bodyguard thing, now wiser grey, and will be commuting to sunny Islington from a tiny little village in rural Kent. Ride a 2000 X11 standard apart from the crash 'shrooms and the screaming ballast (me).

As is the tradition I offer to buy you all a virtual drink…cheapest round yet


Hiya, welcome to LB. Hope you are well. Be good to see you at the newbie meet on the 6th.

Take care.

Welcome along! Nice meaty Honda it’s what I like to see.

Bit quiet on here tonight most of them are out hooning or at the weekly meet - ex forces?? You’ll be perfectly at ease commuting in town - everyone is out to kill you and the bloke on the bike in front is half asleep and not looking where he’s going either…

Thank you for the welcome, had a few practice runs into the new place of work, how do the cage drivers manage to play with the sat nav, put on make up, drink, eat and be blind all at the same time?


Which part of rural Kent are you in?

Hi and welcome aboard.

Truthfully? They dont…

Welcome to LB!

Which part of rural Kent are you in?

Marden. Has a decent road out…and err…

Hey, welcome to LB!