Greetings and salutations

Hello to all, I have been lead to believe that it is customary to receive a poke . . . I am looking forward to this with considerable anticipation. . . although I have an idea that, much though I would like it to, this doesn’t involve a twenty year old blond temptress on a pleasure spree . . . and may just be similar to " in the eye wiv a S****** stick . . . .anyhow, take it easy and if you’re really unlucky I’ll post more innane musings for the lovely London Bikers, regards Matt

Hmm, will leave the pokes to the others. Welcome to LB - maybe see ya at Cubana or on a ride out some time.

Hello and welcome mate. No doubt someone will be along to poke you soon.

Hi there and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome aboard. Mine’s a large rum please.

Hello! Welcome to LB! We have some blonde 20 somethings, so becareful, you might get what you ask for! Post up a picture of your bike for us in the Pictures forum!

You’re right, mate - didn’t take too much guesswork! Welcome aboard.

See you at the Cubana.

Welcome fellow Ducatisti You can help me preach to the masses

Welcome welcome I poked you already so I don’t get to do it again, life not fair

Thank you all for your words of welcome; Special hi to LSD; nearly got your latest aquisition to MOT standard(scrape it through some how). … . . hope to make it up to Cubana soon; have a pleasant weekend y’all