Greetings all....Finally signed up..

Why 'ello there,

I go by the name guy welch ( as you might of guessed ) I was recommended to LB a while back and have kept forgetting until I stumbled here the other day and have been reading through the forums for hours so thought maybe it was time I joined up.
I was actually referred here by a fellow witness at a crown court case for a hit and run (and then chase) involving a fellow biker, but thats a story for another time…

Anyway, a bit about myself…

I’m 18, Live in East Finchley, work for a fashion company in Shephards Bush as a photographer - have been riding for about a year and a half. I gained around half a years experience with L-Plates and then last (oh so cold) december took my test and thanks to god’s great mercy - passed. Since then I’ve been commuting daily, travelling whenever I can, and making the most of the recent decent (ish) weather on my not-so-practical (but beloved) Yamaha Dragstar 650. Which recently has developed gearbox trouble ( maybe you can recommend the section here to ask for technical help, or a good breakers ) At least I still have my trusty GN125…:wink:

Right well enough about me…

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here, and perhaps meeting a few of you in person.:w00t:


Welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Welcome, nice recommendation story!

Come along to the Borough Market meet on Wednesday for a coffee and chat.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Another Camera geek !!

Lol, welcome to LB mate. There’s a few very good photographers on here as well mate.

Welcome to LB, and hope to see you at an event soon - or the next newbie night :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

Cheers for the warm welcome… I’ll try and get down to the next newbies meet (is on my way home after all)