Greeting one and all.

I bumped into Tasha at Harrods today where I was rubbing shoulders with my new best mate Troy Bayliss (what a nice bloke) and she mentioned The rest, as they say, is history!

Watty, Ducati 620Sie Monster, 46 on Saturday!

Welcome to Lb mate! You have to come to our wekly meeting at the Cubana’s bar. Directions on the general chat area of the forum

Hiya and welcome to LB

PS if i forget Happy Birthday for saturday…


Welcome to LB Watty, post some picx of your ride in the members section so we can all have a peek

Hey Watty, welcome to LB!

hello and welcome…get ya virtual card behind the bar then ya tight ass and lets party !!!

I,ll have a Vodka and Cherryaid …topped off with a light dusting of Vim !!!

hey watty…did tash also mention the newbie pokie stick?

i’ll have a redbull and coke plz mate…it makes vimto…honest…!!!


Cheers everyone - virtual visa is with the virtual barman behind the virtual bar. It’s happy hour so lighter fluid is two-for-one

Very clean looking bike Watty, but don’t just leave it laying around beside curbs the men in white vans will come and make you cry

I hear you matey.

welcome to LB mate

welcome to the site

Wow, what a cool bike, Watty! Welcome to LB!

Paivi, Ducati 695 Monster, ageless & timeless…

Welcome aboard!

Hi Watty, nice to meet you last week, See you at Cubana on Wed?

Hello and welcome to the LB forum.

Not this week Foxy I’m afraid, but sometime soon