Greenwich meet for Unity Rdie on 19th Aug

Any local Greenwich bikers up for a meet and short buzz to Excell for the Unity ride?

I’m thinking 12:00 ish inside the gates of Greenwich park (off shooters hill, opporsite the tea hut) to say hello before setting off. The main crowd leaves Excell at 13:00.

This bright idea comes with a little note of caution; my first baby is supposed to be entering the world today so I might be up to my elbows - but if I don’t make it I’m sure you’ll have fun without me!


im a marshall for this ride, and will be heading in from Ace Cafe, hope to see you all on it.

I’ll be heading in via the Blackheath Tea Hut, maybe see you for a cuppa before crossing the river.

A few others have also said they have already planned to meet at the tea hut, so we’ll join you there about 12:00 on Sunday (baby permitting).

For anyone that does not know, the tea hut is on Shooters Hill road, on the left as you head West, on the junction of Goffers Hill and Shooters Hill. It looks over Blackheath on one side, and is almost directly opposite the main gates for the car park in Greenwich Park.

Stick SE10 8QX into and you’ve pretty much there.


I’ve cancelled the ride in from the Oakdene and will meet at the Blackheath tea hut as well… (if it’s not pooring down)


Looking at the met office weather forecast, its going to be bright in the morning with a bit of sunshine and light drizzle in the afternoon - not enough to put you off I’m sure!!!

See you there.

Don’t know… the streets are soaked around here (Bromley) and the sky is completely grey…

… still hoping it will at least dry a little.

Edit: It just started POORING down again

Right I’ll bring my waterproofs then, that usually means it won’t rain! See you all at the tea hut

Sorry… I won’t come out for the ride… it hasn’t stopped raining and I just don’t fancy riding all day long in this sh*t weather.

Have fun everyone.

it ant raining at Crystal Palace and it is clearing towards Bromley, there is still hope

Cracking day out!

What a sight, flippin hundreds of bikes winding there way through the capital, every time I go over Tower Bridge I have the urge to pop a wheelie, just wish I knew how! lol

Good to meet Gavin(gsxr600) and spend the day with Mark(SeaDemon) and Julie-Anne(MadScientist) again, her magic waterproofs worked a treat and kept the rain at bay until the very end of the day but we were going home then so didn’t care!

Oh and in case anyone wants to know Eric’s Kwaka (Killer#1) coughed and spluttered on the dyno before it was switched to reserve, he nearly ran out of juice two days in a row! (sorry mate I couldn’t resist!) Although a very respectable 109bhp on the dyno so hats off to you sir.

Thanks for a good day out again guys!