Green laning

Anyone know a link to the laws of green laning and where there’s any green lanes in the suburbs of the Ace side of London ? :slight_smile:

Tel , not sure on the laws but there are plenty out my way ( High Wycombe ) . Used to have some proper fun on my old KTM 525 EXC on the Icknield Way .

Seem to remember seeing somewhere that you can get all the way from Bucks down to Dorset way entirely off road ( legally ) but never found out any more since I sold the KTM :wink:

Thanx Millie :slight_smile: That aint to far, do you know if they do a green lane map ? :slight_smile:

Green Lanes? C90? This is gonna be messy;):smiley:

Ok Sherlock :wink: Gona be a rite larf :smiley: there’s 4 of us off here so far, Step through’s’R’us :hehe:

Get in touch with your local Trail Riders Federation group - they should have all the info on local lanes and legalities…


Cheers Macp :slight_smile: and no I wern’t swearing :smiley:

Brilliant stuff:D

I will keep an eye out in the local papers mate:)

Does it need to be road legal?

Cheers mate, from wot i can make out they need to be road legal :wink:

Check out green lanes on you tube :D:hehe::cool:

up for this:D

Have you brought your C90 yet :hehe:

Have you seen the prices of them on Ebay?:w00t:

You could get a Fireblade like Terry’s for that:D

cant wait!!! And ive just found my perfect accessory. :D:D:D

photographichero (28/03/2008)

cant wait!!! And ive just found my perfect accessory. :D:D:D[/quote]:laugh: thats quailty :cool: Staceys being very quite :DI’m thinking of having my c90 painted the latest h*nda race rep colours :Dwith tins of dulux and a brush of course :hehe:

Im definatly thinking high rise underseat exhaust! Gotta clear the water :D:D:D

Mmmm Repsol Replica RC90 has a ring to it:D


If I can get some cheap waders I’m gona do away with me leg sheilds for aerodynamics :D:hehe:

What do you reckon :D:D:D:D




TBH Mate it would worry me where the switch is cause if you needed to hit the front brake in emergency whilst hitting the button, the G force mite through you off the back :hehe:

c90 - Gforce

You’d be fricken lucky :stuck_out_tongue: