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Green Laning 10/10/21

Anyone up for some green-laning on Sunday?

I offered @kylejm a day on my DRZ400, so I’d be on the R1200GS again.

@nivag, @Boris, @B ?

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Is that 10th of the 10th? Or 10th of the 10th?


or 21st of the 10th of 3010?

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Sounds great to me, I’m in!

I’m working nights this weekend :worried:

oooh! can someone lend me their DRZ for a day?


If it was working, I would.

You’re welcome to come fix it first, need to take the flywheel off, but the threads for the puller are knackered

Sorry working this Sunday :disappointed:


I need to find some fuel as well. All local stations have been out forever.

You been hacked again?

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I’d probably be out for that reason even if I was free.

I can’t make it either but not for fuel reasons as the Grom does over 100mpg.


Hope it’s was a 10/10 day!

It sure was! We had a blast. @kylejm did great on the DRZ. It was a bit slippery down some trails for my tyres, but other trails were absolutely fine and a hell of a lot of fun! Even did some fording :slight_smile:

Only mishap was the GS rolling off the side stand on a hill. My bad. No harm done.

Removing a bit of fuel beforehand. Didn’t need the full GS weight offroad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was at this point, half a mile down the first trail, that I thought fuck, I hope it’s not going to be mud all the way. I’m SOL with these tyres if so. It wasn’t.

Oops. It rolled off the side stand. No harm done (thank god for the crash bars I fitted)

Got a bit of envy for those tyres. They’d go down a treat on the GS! Would have helped with the mud today.

Will always have a soft-spot for the Rizla Suzuki racing scheme.

One of Rykas finest egg, bacon and sausage baps. Nice. Much deserved after the ride.


Defo going to get some 50/50 (or more) tyres fitted for the winter now.

good work folks … also to keep the pressure up need to name the ride green roading (TRF policy reminder !)

reminds people these are roads you are legally riding !

Ahh shame i missed this thread, I could have added to the DRZ count.

will have to keep a look out for the next time people are going out on the lanes.

nice pics

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Where did you get the camouflage tyre? Is it a new Pirelli special?


Very special. It’s only for complete wallies who think that mud is fine on 80/20 tyres.

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Fixed it for you… And mud is fine on 80/20 tyres.

Although maybe not on a behemoth of a bike

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