Green Lanes near Epsom

Been itching to get out and if I can get out of work early tomorrow, was considering trying to get some mud on them tyres… Anyone know any that I could do and be back in epsom within say 2hrs?

I know Terry mentioned Pirbright but that seems a bit far if I get out of work at 6.30…

Edit: Forgot to mention should be suitable for motard n00b - if green laneing is not advisable solo first time, let me know so that I don’t do anything stupid :smiley:

Never go off road on your own; if something happens to you, no one would know about it.

God forbid it should happen, but on the road, there will always be someone along.

Perhaps also tell someone else where you’re going etc.

Safety first mate :wink:

Agreed, decided to change my plans for today… :smiley: