Green dot crash cards


Just got another one for my new lid.

Recommend everyone gets one.


If you use them, just be very carefull of who they allocate on the legal side to handle the claim.

It is an old pals act system


I thought nobody read them anyway? Is there an emergency service that assumes you’ve got your own helmet on, checks it for a card and then does something with the information?

I’ve found people in each of the Met, LAS and LFB who are aware of these as a thing, but none who’d do anything with the information found on the card, or even who’d necessarily look for it. IIRC the Crash Card is an Essex thing, is it actually looked-for by their ambulance/police crews?


Thats why I said its an old pals act thing.

You are right, it started in Essex and they are up to speed with it. They have been trying to expand it through the country over the past 12 months or so and the uptake has been minimal probably for the reasons you mention and also given how the key card system failed.