Greek rider

Hello guys and girls, :cool:

New to this forum, I ride a 2007 Honda CBR 600 RR and hopefully I will get to meet some of you in one of your meetings.


welcome Zoi :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard the LB trireme :cool:

Went to your very beautiful country in October, planning to make a return trip in '13.

Take me with you when you do hahaha! I wont be able to go back for a while now I am afraid. Hope you had a great time. :slight_smile:

kalispera Zoi k kalos hr8es! :wink:

Lovely bike. Surely you’ve had to change the angle of your reg plate now you’re riding it in the UK?

Conrad, of course my number plate shows normally. Was only folding it on track days. Mostly for safety reasons since its made of metal and could get sharp. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean for that to sound like an accusation! was just curious as I’ve seen quite a few plates like that on the continent and wondered what people do with them when they come to the UK… :slight_smile:

No worries, well here the only option is to have a visible number plate. :Whistling:

Hello and welcome :smiley:


Hey Zoi :slight_smile: Good to see you on here, and we need to finally get you on a rideout! :smiley: I’m sure you’ll like the Jetstreams’ ones when they start putting them up here

Hello and welcome,

Be warned Jetstream rides are highly addictive! :smiley: I must say the 5000 miles odd done on LB ride outs since july have all been top class!

Hi and welcome ! I also ride a 2007 RR. Have you joined the CBR600RR forum?

καλως την και απο εδω!

yeha used to be a member, but dont really visit often anymore :slight_smile:

Welcome Zoi :wink: have we met? lol