Greed, Stupidity and Formula 1

Have a read of this:

They all paid in a year what the rest of us could only dream of, and yet they are whining that it costs to much!

If only we all could live in tax havens and pay no tax.

Formula 1 deserves to fold and be no more.

The whole F1 thing is out of control, great sport, but controlled by Bernie and his billions it has lost focus on the people that matter, us.

One weekend at Silverstone sets you back £500, thats just entry, good grandstand seat and a bacon butty, too much money for your average punter.

Bernie’s bubble will burst just like moto gp, the teams will start to fold in the next few years with only the big four surviving, I say scrap the current format and go back to good old fashioned car, engine and no gizmos.

Final thought is I save all year to go to one GP, Bernie’s private plane burns that much money just warming up for take off, i’m not jealous, honest.