Great start...

Anyone know where I can get this sorted in the W1 area?


That’s is great. A great achievement managing to get it in your front wheel!

There’s the mobile repair someone posted yesterday…?

Cheers Banman I will take a look

Sorry couldn’t paste into an edit!

0800 7 999 125

Got it…hopefully he can sort it for me.  Very useful guys, thanks!

Apparently I should replace the tyre?  :-( 

I’d plug and go.  Done that with front tyres before and 3 in a rear tyre.

@makman I am tempted to just plug it, as its in a decent condition apart from a big f8ckin screw in it…

doesn’t look like you’re THAT much tread left, even so I’d plug it anyways

9/10 you’ll probably be ok with a plug I’d guess. But it’s all about risk based rationalisation … and wallet.