Great Scott Marty!

Riding home on the Marylebone flyover last night, I ride up behind two cars. On the left a Porche, nothing unusual about that I hear you say. On the right a Delorian, kitted out with flux capacitor en all!!!

The guy in the Porche is taking photos, the Delorian then pulls in front of him and I ride up along side, I see the dash all kitted out with the digital callender as in the original, as I get ahead I take a good look at the driver, he’s only got the white coat on and mad blond hair!!!

I was chuckling to myself all the way home.

What’s the oddest/funniest thing you’ve seen on your commute?

haha brilliant! would have loved to see that

Isn’t it the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future at the moment? May have been part of some sort of promo, maybe?

Thats awesome, would loved to have seen it.


The Back To The Future Trilogy is released on Blu-ray today and to celebrate Universal Pictures gave us the chance to get our hands on an exciting bit of kit. Even Doc Brown was on hand to explain the features of one of the most recognisable bits of film technology: the time-travelling DeLorean.

OK, so this wasn’t a full test, as the flux-capacitor was offline. Shame, as we’d have liked to travel back to a time before 17 February 2003 so we could avoid the congestion charge. Not that we’d have been able to hit the necessary 88mph, even on today’s less-congested London streets.

As you can see, the detail on this fully tricked-out DeLorean is impressive inside and out. Parked in a street in Marylebone, it certainly turned heads and had everyone from passers-by to bus drivers to office workers piling out to take a look and a snap a pic on their mobile phones.

That’s it and that’s him as well :cool:

That’s awesome! :w00t:

great post and very jealous, would love to of told this story

an X5 driver indicating.

I would loved to have seen that.

Coming off the M11 one day, there was a broken down Robin Reliant on the hard shoulder, right where it splits for the N Circular.

Alongside it, waiting for recovery was 2 very sheepish looking blokes dressed as Batman & Robin. :smiley:


erm… the same as you!!! a few years ago now?