Great Result

I brought a GTR Hyosung 250 07 plate just over a year ago from brand new and had problems from the start , over a month ago it was taken to supposedly get fixed by the hyosung technicians in the mean time they loaned the 08 version of my bike , I rang them today and asked have they figured out what the problem is yet the bike shop answer was :unsure: anyways they told me due to the circumstances of my bike being screwed they said I can now keep the 08 hyosung permently , in mean time there gana take blue flame carbon fibre exhaust off old bike and put it on this bike nx week , Great Result!!:smiley:

now that is customer service!:smiley:

An excellent result that and good customer service.

Now, I wonder if Suzuki would do that with my Bandit, if I complained that the fairings aren’t strong enough :Whistling: