Great guys, Great Gesture, Brill Gear - So a public thank you

Had a right result today…

Right now I’m working for the world favourite group of companies and one division owns a group of “limobikes” a great red fleet and the boys are just a fantastic group of riders and guys … Anyway been supporting them for a few months now and I spend a lot of time talking with them and since I got run over they’ve been fantastic, well today as a goodbye I got a full new set of kit from them… They know I have to replace my leathers etc etc so they kitted me out with some brand new hein-gericke winter kit.

I have to say it’s FANTASTIC !!!

I know we are normally “infinity” fans but I have to say this winter kit is REALLY bloody warm, and so well made… I cant actually wait to get back on the bike in the rain and cold

So thanks to the boys at Limobike and well done to Hein Gericke for some great kit… Now starts a long term equipment test 

Nice one Lee! Yes, long term test please! HG stuff has been rated very highly before as well!

I’ve got the HG Taureg full touring kit…excellent for both summar and winter; and me Dad has just bought the same as you’ve got…nice gear definately well made.

Was wearing hein gericke leathers when i had my accident? And must say, they helped save me from a lot of internal injuries? In fact although my jacket was ruined (new on that day!) the trs and gloves i am using today! Had sidis on as well and they were perfect, saved my ankle/shin from breaking? I am always in my hein gericke shop…am going back to look for another winter jkt though, cos bit disappointed in one i have now? It seems to ride up when riding and i HATE that! You end up with your jkt up by your waist its stupid! Maybe i need one with the strap thingy under the crotch bit !! (very street cred!)

Am after a new set of leathers, and am hopefully off to HG in gants hill this weekend. Chuffster recommended HG to me, and if it’s good enough for a racer, it’s good enough for me.

Seemingly quite resonably priced too.