Great Google Maps find

Go to here:,-0.18566&spn=0.000591,0.001635&sll=51.497116,-0.18563&sspn=0.000591,0.001635&vpsrc=6&t=h&z=20

And see what is written on the roof.

can’t see anything… :pinch:

It says my name:

Imagination is something to be treasured!

:hehe: good one. Does this mean you trawl through Google Earth for hours looking for your name written on rooftops? Or is that your house?

This is the classic…

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I used to live in that house and had access to the roof so I wrote my name on it using Audi Aluminium Sliver spray paint in the hope that it would appear on google maps. 4 years later it did. Yey.