Great day turns bad . . . . . . .

Not mine, but a mates!!

Had a great run down to Brighton from Box Hill with my mate Jason , and Frogman (thinks thats correct!).

Got down there perfectly, lovely weather, had an ice cream . . . . had some fish and chips . . . .

Left to go home . . . .

Just got on to the A24 before Horesham, and Jason finds out what a highside feels like!

Basically, Jason overtook me earlier on before we approached the roundabout, started to slow down, turned to go around the empty roundabout, and as he was turning, he used his front brake, straightened up and went in to the kerb, and then attempted to fly.

Lucky the roundabout was empty, as he ended up slap bang in the middle of the road!

Damage to the bike:

Scratched front faring
Scratched speedo cluster

Snapped Brake Leaver

Scratched Fuel Tank and Rad

Scratched Exhaust

Scratched and scraped Gear Box

Thanks to the bikes who stopped asking if everything was OK, as they went around the roundabout - it was appreciated!



Sorry about you mates off. That roundabout is known for catching people out though.

Sorry for your mate, hope he’s not hurt too bad - the bike looks fixable - just gonna cost to get back to new.

Re: braking mid corner - you just don’t do it! That’s what happens!

Get postion, speed, gear all sorted before you begin to turn into the corner -slow in, fast out is the rule to follow. Don’t focus on hazards, focus on where you want to go. If you can’t see through the corner, then approach with caution, opening the throttle as you can see the corner opening out. If you can see through the corner/roundabout, then setting yourself up for it is the most important, that way you will get through quicker and safer than fast in, slow to a stop, slow out!

He probably would have made the corner, if he had kept on turning (on the correct line), keeping an even throttle - any braking or letting off the throttle unsettles the suspension, and therefore the grip of the tyres = highside/lowside/hitting a roundabout.

Lucky there was nothing else around, don’t bare thinking about

yeah bad luck.

bike looks good though despite. didn’t sound like a highside from the description at the start of the thread,

Highside . . . . went over handlebars - well kinda at the same level, so you could call it a midside i guess!

Spoke to him today - think his ego is more damaged than the bike!

blimey, well glad your ok.

It was not a highside. Just panic braking. Your body says stop, so you end up locking the brake and going over the top. You have to make a conscious effort to let go of the brake and lean into the corner. Unless you are going far too quickly even though it feels as if you will crash the bike will make the corner. Shame, looked like an almost brand new bike. Not too difficult to get back on the road again and no damage to rider I hope. Lesson learned the hard way.

Just under 4 weeks old

Good to see your still alright.

I am fine - i managed to stop in time!

Just chatted to him on the phone, he is OK, aching a little, but fine!

Glad your both ok, TBH looks like the bike came out as well as you could have hoped. Crash damaged wont be much lighter than that unless youve knocked it of its side stand or crashed into a pillow factory!

On the down side its a new bike and there wont be many replacement bits available at breakers/ebay yet…

sorry to hear that. glad your ok