great day for a ride, but stuck indoors

Looks like a great day for a ride, i have got the day off work and guess what, yes i have got to wait in for some delivery guy to deliver a new cooker!!

The delivery people are so helpful they have narrowed the delivery time down to some time between dawn and dusk!

p155d off is an understatment.

whats everyone else up to?

Also off, raring to tear up some highway, only to find some d***head has flattened my battery - er, guess that’s me then Doh! . . . . charging it up now, the A308 is safe till this afternoon

Stuck in the office its not nice. Thinking of jumping off the local railway bridge at lunch time as it would be an easy release compared the the torment I am suffering at this moment and this week!!!

You guys have got it all far to easy. I am stuck in an office, my bike is in bits and I maight be lucky to get to bed tonight at about 1:30 am or should that be tomorrow. I want to

In the office looking at the sun glinting off the cars and road, groan!! Even washed the bike on Wed evening in preparation and sitting here getting bored. Might have to pop out at lunch time for a “short” ride.

Join me on the bridge mate! I have been eyeing up the same one for a while. its a good 60ft drop and trains motor under it!

Stuck in an office = earning petrol money

Bike in bits = got my evenings planned for the next couple of days

Finish at 1:30 = Oh, look I can start putting the bike back together a 2 AM then

Cheers Mark.

guy jumped off a bridge near me onto the middle lane of the m3, luckily all the cars missed him, unluckily the tarmac didnt and he suffered multiple fractures, he is now in St Peters at Chertsey.

so bored have started to read the local freebie paper!

You know me farily well. Sorry but the bridge is looking less apppealing now.

My bike’s fueled up and ready to go … and I’ve got the day off … wait a minute, WTF am I doing sitting here typing this crap? lol

I’ll be leaving in about an hour!! … He he!!

Poor bloke! I would make the hardest effort to crawl in front of a truck to get it finished off!

Oven finally delivered at 3.45 so didnt really need to take a day off work after all as i would have been home by 3.30 at the latest, but i’m not bitter!!!