Grandpa...kicking arse and taking names!,2933,253959,00.html

What do you think the attempted mugger was thinking as he was getting his collarbone broken and the life choked out of him by a 70 year old…

No charges filed as “the tourists were within their rights to defend themselves from this hold up attempt.”


Oh how I’d like to be the 1st to buy that old boy a pint! But I suspect there would be thousands of others ahead of me in the queue. Good on him.

Now, if that happened here in Blighty, that old man would be marched straight off to clink, no question.

AAAhhhh justice!!

Way to go, Power to the pensioner.

What would have happen if this happened in the UK. We’d throw the ol’fella in jail like we did Tony Martin Why we haven’t got an extra Public Holiday called Tony Martin Day is totally beyond me

Actually I wouldn’t be quite so quick to say we’d throw him in jail - when I was mugged at Birmingham train station a couple of years ago by a couple of little ****s, I beat 7 kinds of crap out of them then sat on them until the BTP came running.

I had a bloody nose and a couple of scratches, but they were much worse off, the police asked me what happened - I said they tried to mug me and take my laptop, they looked at the CCTV and let me go - sent the the scum to court, not me.

Tony Martin is a completely different story - had I been mugged and pulled out an un-licensed firearm I deserve everything I get.


what a guy! at 70 thats pretty impressive - to kill a man with your bare fists!

its worth reading the whole story about tony martin. The guy had been terrorised week after week by the same criminals. He reported it to the police- who repeatedly did nothing. He was so scared of these guys he moved everything he owned upstairs in his house - apparently he could barely move for furniture. These guys were seriously screwing with him! The unlicensed firearm wasn’t exactly a 9mm Automatic, an ancient shotgun his family had owned for ages. Its really interesting to read - the guy who survived even sued him afterwards!!

Now I think that is the best…but if it had happened in this country, the old guy would be charged with murder…and go to prison for it!!!

bollox - only if he’d used un-reasonable force - this guy was defending his life - he had a pistol pointed at him and a knife - enough for the CPS to agree his life was in danger - I don’t think you can say this was un-reasonable force at all… the guy would have been let off for defending himself… come on people have a bit of common sense and stop shouting down this bloody country - it’s a damn site better than most on this planet.