Gran Turismo Prologue

I just got it in the post preorder rocks…arrrggghhh going insane though it’s taking so long to install on the lovely shiney PS3!!!:w00t:

Got it yesterday. Totally surprised at both how long it takes to install, the fact the update download just doesn’t work and how good the game is!?

It would seem they’re the first games company to tap into the PS3’s true power. It’s totally insane how good it looks! Silky smooth, so detailed and great fun!

I bought the Suzuki Swift Sport and regret it already, oops :slight_smile:

Might get to play it sometime this month!

it took me a few tries to get the update kept getting a failed message. just make sure you’ve got the clock and world map stuff on the hompage cause that means it’s connected to the server then it should work fine.

LOL sonys poop net integration eh? :wink:
still, bet it looks sweeeeeeet!

donno never played much of anything online. i think it’s pretty sweet so far although i do only have gran turismo and need for speed

I have read on the PS website that the problem with the failed download of the update is that too many people are doing it at the same time causing their servers to overload. Try to do it 1st thing in the morning, when you are getting ready to go to work it takes 20 min for the game to instal and about 40 min for the update, however once you’ve got it going its well worth the wait, the only sad thing is that this is only as the title suggest a “preview” of the real game and you cannot enhance the cars with turbo or trick parts and the gameplay is a little short lived but then again at £17.99 from it was a bargain. The full game is due to be released on Sept 26th and will cost £36.99 which should be the real thing, you can pre order them here

What I look forward to see is a PS3 mark II version of Tourist Trophy which in my views was the best ever bike racing game on PS2, much better than motogp 1, 2, 3 and 4 put together but of course it was done by the same team that produces and design the Gran Turismo series.

Can’t wait.