Graffiti near Heathrow

spray painted on a building near heathrow "London, love it or fcuk off ". …thought it was funny


When I landed in Oz for the first time, driving down the highway, I saw a car with a “ off we’re full” wording inside the outline of Oz on his back windscreen.

a good one i saw was in public toilets in Lewes.

someone wrote “BRIGHTON BOOT BOYS” underneath in different pen


Many years ago in a pub loo on a condom machine “Insert foetus for refund” didnt know whether to laugh or throw up!

In a pub toilet near me

‘here i sit, broken hearted, came to shit, but only farted’


Kings College Hospital staff toilet:

“Life is a sexually transmitted condition”

Underneath in a different hand:

“Prognosis: Terminal.”

I once saw on a condom machine:

“Any attempt to force entry will cause alarm to sound!”

BTW this is Kevsta and I’m being held at the Jetstreams, send help! :D:w00t:

+1 classy :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally escape from the unremitting and unrelenting sexual demands of the Jetstreams. Suffering from extreme sexual exhaustion. :D:w00t:

Be honest Kev, you loved it at the time;) You wore poor Nina out though.

I certainly did, and Nina is great. :w00t:

hahahaha :laugh: