GPS Tracker - sticker as a deterrent?

saw those on ebay - bike stickers informing about GPS (that you dont actually have) Whats your view on those? will put thieves off ?

They (the thieves) already have a process for working out if a bike has a tracker or not.
They steal it, drop it somewhere out of the way with a cover and sometimes a lock on it.
They come back over a couple of days- if it is still there it probably doesn’t have a tracker on it.

I don’t think a sticker will deter anyone but a casual thief.
Chaining it to something solid and alarming it it usually better.
Datatagging can stop them stripping parts off it- or at least being able to freely trade those parts on gumtree/ebay etc.

NO NO NO - oh has a tracker let’s cut all the electrics… That’s a write off and you are not getting the bike back either way! Better they don’t know and test it and gets found or they are amateurs and leads to finding other bikes!