GPS Detectors!

Can you get GPS Detectors for bikes and are they any good?
I want to keep my licence once I get it.


Yep i looked into it a while back and there are a few on the market. The one i looked at which was and i think still is the best for a bike is a Morpheous Geodesy Plus.
The main reason i liked this one was the large series of LEDs that light up on the front of the unit when it ditects a camera, making it easier to see while riding.

Have a look at this link

GPS detectors only detect fixed camera locations - the Global Positioning Satelite knows where you are and so beeps when you approach “accident blackspots” sorry, cash machines, but DO NOT warn you of Speed Camera Partnership mobile vans, unmarked traffic video cars, or marked cars using hand held lazer detectors - the ones that work 2km away. There are more expensive boxes that give GPS alerts plus, alert you when lazer/radar is pointed at you. Some are kind enough to jam the lazer for a few seconds, tragically giving plod error messages, however they are getting wise to this and getting caught using a jammer is bad - Peverting the cause of Injustice. IIRC Snooper and Bel make the best ones, some even do bike friendly models [mmmmmmm, nice]

These are totally illegal in france, frog plod delight in pulling any Brit car in N france that appears to sport any funny box suckered to the windscreen, big fat fine and further addition to gendarme pierre’s ebay shop collection . . . .