GP Micro Dash

Watch a demo video of it; it’s superb, and I want one, hehe. They go for about £400, I believe, but come with a lap-timer and a hundred other functions I can’t remember.

More information at:

That is fantastic. Very racer esq.

I want, i want, iwant…

I want one!

MMmmmmmm tasty bit if kit jay, i supose i’ll have to want one of them now

The list keeps growing, just need to work another 40 hrs a week for a year to afford everything!!!

Massive trick.

Fancy one for the 7, but prob not work with antiques like that!!

I want I want I want one soooooo bad now should not have watched the video

Looks like a snazzy piece of electronic wizardry. Great on a track bike, not so sure about a road one. Perhaps I should get one for the SV.