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Government threatening to make mods illegal

Just saw this on visor down

I’ve never really modded my bikes I’m a bit of a purist so would not affect me.

But can imagine alot of unhappy chapies and chapesses if this came in to force.

The consequence of adding too many mirrors.

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It has been the law in Switzerland since forever. You can’t modify your car or bike. I had fun with a loud exhaust on my old bike but I’m over that now. I prefer running stock.


Apparently no mods seems to be the case in Italy

I’ve heard one Italian loop hole is to exporting motor vehicles to Germany, carrying out the mods and then import back to Italy.

Not normally one to defend the tossers in power, but anyone who rides a scooter, with or without a dead squirrel on their jacket defo deserves banning…

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From the article I can see this specifically refers to mods “related to the engine or parts that emit gases”. While still terrible, for a moment there I thought all modifications would be banned (i.e. bar end mirrors, tail tidies, crash bungs, shorty levers etc.)

(non-compliant) Aftermarket exhausts are already illegal though, they’re just not enforced for the most part. If those aren’t enforced, there’s zero chance of engine mods being detected or enforced.

If this no (emission affecting) mods deal becomes Law it will most likely go hand in hand with changes to Class1 and Class 2 MOT tests to include emission testing, may be Db testing too. The knock on effect to that would be that more motorcycles would be subjected to roadside tests by DVSA and all that goes with that.

Difference being at the moment is may be hard for non specialists to know if it is road legal or not.
If all they need to know is that it is not the standard one, it is easier for them to pick you up on it.

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Is all they’re talking about removing the cat?

As I read it any modification to the inlet, fuel or exhaust systems that increases emissions above the factory standard specification would become illegal. So the likes of fettling with less restrictive air filters/air boxes, less restrictive exhaust systems, re-routing crankcase breathers or removing baffles, catalytic convertors, exhaust gas control valves etc would become a no no.

Don’t panic! The MAG claim that this is an attack on the freedom to do what you wish with your own property is utter nonsense. I have made more than 15 modifications to The 250, none of them affect the emissions, none of them will become illegal, none of them are in breach of the MOT test regulations.

This government doesn’t care about restricting your rights or actions. They might just listen to a costed case for the destruction of a small industry of aftermarket parts and modifications.

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Biggest pain would be for slightly older vehicles where an OEM exhaust isn’t available. I can’t get one for the XV so it has to be aftermarket.

many aftermarket exhausts are road legal
its the stupid stubbies and drain pipes for exhausts that aren’t

Yep many aftermarket are road legal. But the proposal doesn’t cover their use, as it is a modification from the factory configuration. I.e. the tested and approved configuration.

Part of me supports this if it would get the bloody modded scooter scrotes off the road. Who knew a 125 could make so much of a bloody obnoxious noise at less than 30mph!!!


as with anything if manufactures no longer make or sell a part
you can use legal non oem parts

the last few days I’ve been caught with MT07 & what can be described as basically no end can just a pipe, I let him pass me just so he fuks off I sound is terrible & I’m sure he has a death wish