Government Motorcycle Survey

let’s get our voices heard.


Done !!


This looks like another way of imposing legislation on the design of motorcycles, and the safety aspects of them. Remember the leg protector saga??? Read the leading questions and their motive becomes very, very clear!

Agree but done anyway

For what, seems like a very obscure questionaire

Done, but I agree with Trigger, it’s very odd!


Tyres & mirrors . . . or smoke & mirrors?

If sports bike riders are really “honest” new bikes will have truck sized mirrors fitted

All I see in my mirrors are my elbows. Do Suzuki really think their owners are that vain that they need to see themselves whilst riding? Odd…

got my 2 cents in

I agree it seems that no matter what you put they will turn round with some wank excuse and shaft us

I have posted up and have pointed out that just cos mirrors are fitted dnt mean they are going to be used, to be fair they are fitted to BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercs, 4x4’s etc and they dont use em.

very true

Well I did it but it, well the parts I understood anyway being a newbie.

The questionnaire was way too narrow and fishing for particular answers so yeah I think new legislation might be coming in