Goverments dont rule the world Goldman Sachs do

An honest banker/trader?

I’ve not been around much these days. But I wanted to make sure you guys saw this :slight_smile:


Saw this mentioned in the paper this morning, going to stir up a few people. Which is a good thing!!

1913 called and wants it’s headline back :wink:

That’s an interesting vid.

I think the students and the looters will have to link up soon.

sounds like a right tosser

Anyone else reminded of?


I didn’t do any due-diligence on the guy after watching the vid. Why? Because I already think a lot of what he was saying. It’s a good opportunity now for someone to come back and explain how we move on. Oh no, there’s no one to do that because we’re buggered?

Lets see what happens next year eh?