Goverment schedule new meeting

In a previous topic regarding the EU banning young riders from taking their DAS until the age of 24 there has been a new anouncement that they wanna now ban young riders from taking their DAS test till the age of 27 and a new meeting is being held on December 5th as stated in the MCN paper dated 26/10/2005.

So I think its about time we should do something about this and if MCN do a protest then we should join then again.

Ride safe


Vision Zero again

Count me in.

I like the way they do it at a time when it is hazardous to use bikes… meh… lets do it

Is it a bad thing that people have to wait longer before buying a big bike? I know all you young’uns would argue differently, naturally, and 27 sounds too long to wait.

Yeah, 27 is too long, I’ve decided. 24 I’d agree with, but not 27. I’m up for a protest ride.

Any ride really. I am a tart for showing off my bike. Can’t help it.

At the minute to get into biking you can follow one of the following routes

At 16, do CBT and get a moped -> at 17, do theory (can this be done before?) do practical test and get up 33hp bike, 2 years later at 19, get whatever you want

Start a bit older do, cbt, theory, practical and turn 21 without having a bike license 2 year, do Accelerated Access test, get whatever you want

Start after your 21, do cbt, theory and Direct Access and get whatever you want.

Is the change going to change 21 to 24 or 27, which ever is chosen. As far as I see it, being under that age you have to ride a 33hp bike for 2 years and if you turn that age do the Accelerated Access test. Maybe I’m talking cr@p but, I don’t think the problem is the age at which people get there hands on a bigger bike, I see the problem on the roads as being that people just don’t know how to use them.

Daily I see busses jumping red lights and stopping in yellow boxes, I think this is unacceptable. I’m sure you see this and worse every time your out. I’d like to know what’s being done to increase the standard of road use across the board. I know the government is concerned about powered 2 wheel accidents and that’s good, but I think the bigger issue is than most road users just don’t know how to use them. I’d be very surprised if most have read the highway code.

I think everybody should have to retest after 3 or 5 years and/or go though advanced training. Remember your license is a privilege not a right

Just re-read this, sorry rant over

Surely preventing younger people riding is going to encourage more illegal uninsured riders? God knows the DAS course i took in 2002 was hard enough to pass. We already have the most difficult bike test in Europe to take.

I think the government just don’t like bikers.

You both have good points. I agree totally.

Yet increasing the age implies increased responsibility and is by far and away the easiest thing to do from their point of view. We know that on the ground the difference will be minor, and may even promote more unlicensed rides, but when has the ACTUAL repercussions stopped government eh?

Brace yourselves. It’s gonna happen.

Good God…are you guys SURE that you live in a “free” country? Speed cameras, CCTV EVERYWHERE…“The Man” telling you if/when you can ride a motorcycle?

How can you bear it?

No wonder John Hanc0ck and the gang told those peeps to stuff it. LOL

That’s a very good point! Lb has been following BMF and MAG actions on this subject:

Also, Tasha has just written an article about the actual ways to get a driving licence in uk:

I have just got home back from the NEC where I spoke with a BMF representative, we should have a meeting in the following week and this subject will be one of the many we will discuss. If there’s an issue regarding our biking future? Lb will do it’s best to be there! We will join forces with other parts and do our bit for a better biking world. When the time comes we will ask you all to put our voices together. meanwhile any other ideas and actions that are already planned and going on are more than welcome! Count me in

There is an organised BMF event at the Ace on 6th November with the MEPs. Will post exact details when I get them.