Gotta love those childish moments....

I dont know about anyone else but those moments on a bike when you really shouldn’t be doing what you are doing but think feck it, and carry on doing it…

6pm Saturday on my way to work on the A3 heading into town, I catch up with a 04/05 Zx-10r, light gold colour. I filter past and he decides he wants to play catch up.

Doing silly speeds in a 50, he then filters infront, slows down abit, hoists one up upto about a ton in the fast lane going past traffic with me following. I then feel the need to show my manly wheely skills and get in front and do the same but only a small one due to heavy traffic.

Now the above is completely childish/immature/t[email protected]/uber kool, but damn it made me laugh for a good 2 minutes.

If you’re a big bloke and rides a light gold zx-10r, with a clear visor and no gloves, good skills dude, not the perfect timing for traffic but fun none the less.

I’m just glad their were no kittens harmed.:smiley:

I’m leaving my current job within a few months. I’m thinking on the last day, motorbike+Airport Runway+Go Pro HD camera= highly amusing wheely video with high 5s all round;)

grow the feck up you immature knobber …

:stuck_out_tongue: <<<<< please note smiley …

We’re all guilty of it, but I’d be careful what I post in an open forum.:smiley:

+1 but with no gloves:w00t:

When it all goes ok, we call it fun.

When it doesn’t go so well, we call it Smiled Club Membership :smiley:

lol @ stevie. nicely put!