Gotta love all the numptys in the world

Hope this is the right place

posted on another forum I frequent, please watch it all the way through to the end as the last 30 seconds or so just top off everything this guy does.

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Lol the last 20 seconds are well worth having to put up with his retardedness! Fool deserves it.


also he is sooo fing retarded he did not even notice that it was noted as a silver bike therefore he could have got off on the reason of he was not on that bike!!!


wot a **** lol.

What a prick… the last bit was very funny though:D

Oh yes . . . that last bit is worth everything!! :D:D:D:D

Americans…don’t ya just love em “FOOL”:stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha ha ha mucsle bound freak

The end is a Classic!!! what a tw*t! Cold tyres!!

wat a total tw@

got wat he deserved in the end

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
i hope he hurt himself at the end

What a prize ****!

this is your brain on druuugs! :crazy:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA that was so funny what a numpty :laugh:

lmao.did u see his face hwen she said “200 dollars” lol and how much do u bet that he was begging the director to leave the last 20 secst out of the final edit:D

Heh almost like Ratty leaving BM last night :wink:

lol what about this crazy man??

Only in the USA which stands for





Hhmmm, Amerycan numptys mustbe even ficka than British ones! I’d better get back to da window I was lickin.

Chin Chin, Numpty

LOL I could watch this clip over and over , Love it!!:smiley: