Gotta Have It!!

The Nicky Hayden / Laguna Seca race replica Arai lid. :drool :drool

This is a MUST have…


What a coincidence KSGregman! Jay, Tasha and I had our heads messured by Arai this afternoon, we spend one hour at the Arai stant (NEC) looking at what they have new there, I will place an order! Nice stuff coming out for 2006 line. If I’m not wrong Jay took a pic of the Nicky’s one

Post it up, Jay!!

Let’s have a look at my new lid.

Coming soon to a gallery, assuming it was the same lid(s) I took pictures of. Nice lids from Arai…

i have a nicky hayden rep already on order,not trying to rub it in or anything

I like the “THE COLIN EDWARDS CLASSIC “#5 BEE YELLOW” REPLICA” and if you have a new R1 in the yellow/black colours it will be the dogs…

I’m looking to buy a Aria lid soon, will be going to have a look at the Aria stand at the NEC tomorrow to see what they’ve got coming up new Going to cost me a little though lol.

nice lid