Got the new ride

After test-riding the top litre bikes, there was really only one choice; the BMW S1000RR - This bike is totally insane and kitted right out like a race-bike, incredible! Same old story though, I don’t have the time to run it in (no offers, thanks :))!

I’ve gone for the Sport version with traction control, race abs and the quick-shifter, and boy does it need the traction-control! It spins up everywhere, I love it!

The handling is super-light, outdoing my previous GSX-R 750 easily. The brakes are amazing and it even sounds pretty damn good with the stock exhaust!

Got a few things ready for it and more lined-up. Looking forward to developing it a bit more. The suspension needs setting properly as it’s set for a 85kg rider and I’m only 68kg. After the first service I’ll go see Brian @ BNRS to get it done.

It has a 9k RPM limiter fitted whilst being run-in, but even that means it’s crazy fast. Breath-taking…

So glad to be back on the road after more than a month off!







colour’s not my cuppa tea but a very, very, very nice bike:)

Awesome bike, great colour choice too :slight_smile:

Nice bike. Not a huge fan of them. Dont know why. I need to ride one i think…Jay, any danger???:hehe:

Welcome to the team Jay.

I told you it would knock your socks off:w00t:

Get them to fit the “slick” mode chip when they service it and then get ready for Warp Factor 4 :stuck_out_tongue: after 10k rpm it goes insane :wink:

Nice :slight_smile: Good color too. Apparantly Suzuki have sold hardly any 1000’s this year :Whistling: Can’t imagine why :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect I’m about to by a BMW too but not the 1000, a GS1200 . . . just trying to get my head round buying an old mans bike :ermm: The 2010 model is remarkably good.

very nice jay…very nice!!:cool:

Very nice looking bike and I love the colour scheme.

Does this mean BMW have ironed out the engine problems with these bikes? If they haven’t, then you have just made a very brave choice, and I can only hope that if your bike has the same issue PJ’s did, that it manifests itself whilst it’s still under warranty…

How long does the warrenty run for.:slight_smile:

How long does the warrenty run for? :)Better do some miles soon Jay just in case.:DOur trip to Lyme Regis would see you well on your way to the first oil change and your reportage of the skinny dipping competition could if handled well cover your costs!:w00t:

A warm welcome to the land of ‘Those Who Have Seen The Light’ :slight_smile:

has yours got the 2 or 3 stage heated grips ? :smiley:

love that bike, especially in those colours

Cracking bike that beemer :slight_smile: not too sure of that colour mind!

Congrats Jay.

Gis a go :smiley:

Isnt that a Frogga term . . . .

Great bike, not 100% for the colour - ill still drool when I see it out though! :w00t:

Knowing Jay, it won’t stay that colour for long :wink:

Nice bike mate! :smiley:

looks and sounds great, 'gratz.

But you guys are crazy …

Nice bike Jay, not keen on the colour though. Good to see you’re back on two wheel after the ‘the accident’.

love the color :cool: !! yes im serious!! (but also weird :stuck_out_tongue: )