Got taken out last night

sorry man the main thing is you are repairable the bike can be fixed or replaced you will ride again thank god and the b…d c.nt will get his …karma …good luck with the claim

hope you heal up quick dude… did u get the guys plate number?

i dont understand how people are so cold hearted :angry:


That is not cool at all. Horrible to have had that happen, especially at night, and can’t believe no one stopped to help…isn’t it funny? I crashed my car on Thursday morning, wrote it off, and 3 people stopped to help and waited with me and the other driver for the ambulance to come. How bizarre!

Hope you’re better soon buddy! :wink:

I also hope they manage to catch the guy responsible! For all he knows he could have left someone dead at the side of the road! :angry:

Dude that isn’t good. Don’t people have the common decency to stop any more!

I hope the police get the son of ****.

Thank you all for your thoughts on this. It’s good to hear that there are people that actually give a damn. The insurance rep said earlier that the behaviours that I witnessed last night are commonplace when the weather’s rubbish.

I’m going to take some more painkillers now and relax in front of the fire and then see if I can catch up on some sleep.

You all be careful out there … I’d hate for someone else to go through that experience.

Jeez, what a bunch of Aholes - all for one and one for themselves nowadays - shame. Hope you get well soon chap - I’ll join you in a curse on the uncaring and the incautious!

Man…thats propper poo…GWS dude…i know what broken ribs feels like and it aint pretty…

i too was riding home in the snow last night…i was on the M4 heading into london at about 12 ish and the wind blew me over a lane…good job i was on my new bike and it aint small…lol…

roads were manageable untill i got to my street…it took my 40 mins of very carefully walking the bike straddled…in second gear and lots of mumbleing as i got too my house…40 mins to go up a street!!!..i cant believe the bike stayed upright!!!..must be the 190 tyre eh?…

anyways…like i said…GWS mate…


Ouch mate.
Apart from you hurty bits glad you are still here with us.

terrible…but probably quite typical for London
I hope you aren’t hurting too much.
How annoying that you have to claim off your own insurance as well!

Unfortunately that’s too true.

Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad it wasn’t any worse on you.

Get well soon, and I hope the insurance doesn’t prove to be a minefield.