Got taken out last night

Ooooh it hurts so much.

Got caught out in the snow last night … didn’t intend to be there. Car slid across the the carriageway, A40 Uxbridge common just before the Denham roundabout, BANG! That’s my FZ1 wrecked, right hand side all the bling mullered Yoshi, rearsets snapped in half the frame protector did it’s job but is bent at nearly right angles. Everyone just drove off and left me in the road with busted up ribs and torn muscles. A few minutes later one good soul helped lift the bike out of harms way. No one could believe it … the Police and recovery guys were great though. It took over two hours to be picked up … finally got home at 03:00 this morning. Cold sore and tired. Very depressed.

Man that is crap, hope you heal up soon!!

Thats real bad news mate… hope you feel better very soon. Its bloody scary out there sometimes!

you would think there are some kinder people out there offering to help!

I feel for you its never nice coming off and even more so when it’s not your fault, i hope the insurance people are quick and you get yourself mobile again soon.

there is no excuse for people to not stop and help, biker or not!

In fact, it should be illegal to not stop and help if there is no-one already at the scene

Shame the guy who caused it didn’t have the decency to help … he just looked over then drove off like it didn’t matter. It’ll be a claim on my own policy … nice. Two cars collided behind my bike and they both took off as well with out talking to each other. What’s going on with that?

because its worth the gamble, drive off…you probably wont get caught. Stay and you definately get charged through the insurance. It is shameful.

oh man thats bad whats london coming to,3 hit and runs and nobody would help you out did any body get the licence plate:crazy:

blimey mate not good…how can the scrote hit you n drive off ? hope they get what coming to them, any cctv in area that police can check for you ?

Get well soon :slight_smile:

Man I hope you heal quick. I can’t believe the guy took off, well actually, this day and age I can. I hope you can get it sorted soon.

That’s sh1t news mate. I hope you manage to catch up with the c*nt that did this.

M8 im so sorry :frowning:
I had to ride home through the snow aswel last night at around 12:30 and it was sticking!

The guy should of stopped but unfortunatly people can be really heartless! :frowning:

That’s awful news. I hope you’re feeling a bit better today. It’s shameful that the driver who slid into you drove away.

Good luck with getting it all sorted out!

sorry to read this, even more that so many didnt stop to help! hope CCTV has caught something :ermm:

Horrible to think that happens and no one stops…

Hope getting everything sorted is as painless as possible…


Fkin shame on that fool.

I’m sorry to hear about the accident and hope you get better soon.

Don’t worry, next time, the drive will probably slide into a truck or off a riverbank!

Sorry to about your accident. What’s going on with people these days?? Driving off is terrible. I’ve had 3 hit and runs on my car in the last year and it is so frustrating but can’t compare it to yours as you actually got injured.

sorry to hear about this dude - are you sure the driver saw you? im not standing up for him, but if you hit a 250kg bike and rider i would imagine you dont notice it much unless you see the result?

Very sorry to hear that…can’t believe how ignorant some people really are!! Fking B*rds!

I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope you heal quickly and the insurance claim goes through quickly.