Got stopped in box junction - will I get a fine?

On the way to Ace last night I crossed the lights just as they went amber at the box junction on the (where intersected by ) I had to stop in the middle of the box because cars started moving across my path before I could get out of the box! (they must have jumped the lights to start moving before I even cleared the junction).CCTV on poles over this box - will I get a fine? Do they have to alert me in two weeks? Can I challenge it on the basis that I was impeded?

Not happy as work has been scarce recently due to recession and the idea of forking out money in a situation which wasn’t my fault and in which no one got inconvenienced makes me f*cking angry. . .

Thanks for any advice. Sorry if wrong forum. :slight_smile:

As long as you weren’t in the box for more than 5 seconds , as that is the offence, then you should be ok.

Next time that happens, in car or on a bike, roll backwards and forwards until you can leave the box :wink:

My brother got a fine for having a very small part of his rear tyre still in the box even though the rest of the vehicle was clear.

Thanks guys - but I was f*cking stuck in there until the lights changed. It’s at times like these London really sucks. . .

Has anyone been stuck in these things and not got a fine - e.g. they might have not noticed a bike sitting there. . . . :cool:

I got done in a campervan whilst in a box junction on Lewisham Way. It was one of those things where you think traffic is moving and then it stops and you get caught. They even sent me pictures of it. The idea I believe is to help traffic keep moving… but if your exit from the junction isn’t clear before you enter it, the queues will just keep getting bigger!

i got done a few years ago in a car for having half my rear wheels still in the box. it was incredibly pedantic, but they will use any excuse to tax you mate.

hope you get away with it.

Thanks - I’m hoping they might have overlooked me as I was on a bike and not an obvious target like a cage.

You’d be lucky, honestly, I know this isn’t what you want to hear but your best bet would be if the camera wasn’t working. Otherwise…

I hope you do get lucky by the way and let us know the outcome. Good luck.

Next time lean back and cover the plate until the lights change! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get off mate… Let us know.

i have stopped loads of times in cetnral london in box juncs but never got a fine… :ermm:

Thanks everyone fingers crossed I will beat the system. . . :w00t:

How big is your plate?

Like the anarchist plumber? He wanted to bring down the cistern.

I’m not sure how up to date the pics are, but the Google Streetview only shows one camera (facing south on the A406) which, if you were heading North (to the Ace) would only have got your front!.

There does not seem to be one facing the other way!

It sounds like you were on the limit of going through the lights tho’ :slight_smile:


I guess i’ll give it two weeks to see if the robbing bstards are going to take money which I can’t afford to give them from me. Thanks a fcking bunch for making life even more difficult than it is already - tossers.

Thanks Doug - a ray of hope! :smiley:

With what you have discribed, I would be more worried about a camera to catch light jumping, to end up like that you must have at least crossed an amber light (if not a red). and what does an amber light mean??? STOPHope you don’t get done for the box though;)

standard i.e BIG size!