Got sent this in the post, low key advertising

Addressed to my driving school…

offering to correct my cars digital mileage??

can it be done on a bike? …, is there anyway to tell when you buy a vehicle… ??

the website doesnt offer much info, but the leaflets were aimed at ‘reduce your mileage counter, because you area high mileage vehicle’

My cars are leased, so my mileage doesnt matter, but I thought, if it can be done on a bike, how would you know? Buying from a dealer wouldnt offer any protection would it? only a full dealer service history would prove the mileage surely?

The owner reckons its not illegal but i would say it is… he wont appreciate this being put on a public website i’m sure :slight_smile:

there’s a ton of services like it:

but then I guess if you buy a replacement speedo and it’s got the mileage from another bike on it, that would be a legal reason to have it adjusted

I think the argument may be that it is only a correction.

For instance, if I measure your car, and there is a +10% discrepancy between your speed on the dash and the actual speed you are doing, then that will mean your dash is recording 10% more miles then you have actually done.

If the car thinks you are doing 33 mph, but you are actually doing 30mph, then that is 3 mile per hour that the mileage will be incorrect. If your car thinks you are travelling at 66 mph but you are actually travelling at 60mph then that will be 6 mile per hour.

So if your car has travelled a total of 10,000 miles and there is a 10% error, then you have actually only travelled 9,000 miles.

A correction would be to remove the miles that the car thinks it has done, as compared to what it has actually done…this may be possible on a digital dashboard because the digital speed/actual speed ratio may not change as a cable might over time due to stretching etc.

This is all pure assumption and could be wrong, but it may be the way in which they get around the illegality of changing the clocks.

If you misrepresent your vehicle and sell it as such, the buyer has recourse. Thats why many dealers of secondhand vehicle refuse to guarantee mileage or condition, and say so. You need to satisfy yourself of its condition and mileage. But correcting the mileage because the clocks over read isnt misrepresenting it.

he’s hardly going to mind, he usually has to pay for it…

It is certainly not illegal to adjusts the mileage, but it is to misrepresent mileage when selling. That approach does sound illegal though as it is an inducement to defraud. There are definitely genuine reasons to do this though. Early X9 Digidashes were susceptible to water damage and there is someone in France you can send a replacement dash to to have the mileage adjusted up or down to match the vehicle’s genuine mileage.

O.K. There are a few valid reasons for needing this service but I’ll bet a pound to a penny that most users are doing this for dishonest reasons. Oh, “Yes” bike digital odometers can be got at in just the same way.

But then, give me my tool pouch and a packet of old fashioned razor blades and I can set any mileage you want on an old style mechanical speedometer.

Some things don’t change. The price/technology just moves on.

you can check past MOTs for milege

You can check the MOT history online …

Details include passes, fails, mileages, dates etc

All you need is the current MOT test number found at the top left of the VT20 MOT test certificate.

LINKY HERE (scroll down to click on the 'MOT history check button)

Nothing illegal in altering the recorded mileage providing it is not done to mislead!

All dealers and traders now include a statement within the contract sale to the effect that the vehicle comes with any warranty of mileage, some also place a sticker to the same effect over the speedo.

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Actually this is incorrect. By law the manufacturers have to record accurate MILEAGE but NOT accurate speed. Your odo will be CORRECT as long as you have not “modified” the car/bike in any manner by which to change the way in which the amount of distance is recorded i.e. larger tires will record less distance traveled therefore will null this statement. Your odo can only be off by percent but your speedo may be off by as much as 15% at certain speeds. For example in four gear, reading a steady 60mph may result in an actual speed of 54 whereas you put the same vehicle in sixth at a steady 60mph it may actually be going 51mph. Yes actual speeds can vary, depends on how the car/bike picks up the odometer information. As a general rule, your odo will be within 0.5% accurate if not modified.