Got run over!

I was heading east along Brompton Road, just before Harrods, so before the fun part, & I filtered to the front between a cab and black S-Max (Addison Lee I think).

The lights changed yet some silly cunt decided that she would still cross so I sat & waited. Cock boy next to me didn’t though & proceeded to pull forwards, stopping on my fucking boot when he noticed the woman. Cue people banging on their horns until a fist sized imprint on his bonnet woke the dozy cunt up enough for him to back up a foot or so thus setting me free.


Old guy stopped on my foot once. Wasn’t pleasant.

The bit that got me was his incredulity when I shouted that he was on my foot, as if I’d sit at a green light and yell at him just to pass the time.

tribal, I feel the pain dude (literally) I had that happen to me once on the old kent road. Some women didn’t like the fact I was going to get in front of her when the lights went green so she rolled forward straight onto my foot… I was screaming at her and hitting the car she just ignored me until the lights changed!

Wow, at least yesterday was an accident. Some people just deserve to die, slowly & painfully.

Most I’ve had at the lights deliberately was some old codger kissing my calf with his bumper.

There are some proper morons and a few absolute arseholes out there.

What a twat! I’ve had that done once too, the prick who did it to me was at red light, I filtere to the front and waited next to him. Next thing I noticed, the prick decided to move forward (cos his shit heap would definitely beat me off the line if he moved forward half a foot) and he perched his front wheel on my foot!