Got room for one more???

Hey all,

Just thought I’d drop in n say hi! Moved to London 3 months ago after work transferred me from Cumbria. Some fantastic roads n scenery up there, sorry to have had to leave it. So yeah, living in West London now and still looking out for some good roads, found the A272 and Loomies already…:wink:

Love all things biking, from sunday blasts to touring round europe to trackdays to spannering away in the garage on those cold winter evenings, tis all good.

Thought I’d post up a few pics of my rides and hopefully catch some of ye on a rideout soon.

Somewhere in north africa:

My sedate tourer, lol just after a rebuild (it’s never been this shiney since:P)

A sunny day out with my R1 trackbike in Anglesey

Catch ye later


hello mate and welcome.

i still like those RC8’s

Welcome…Nice bikes.

Hi welcome to LB:D

I would of changed job my self,:smiley:

love the shiny bird:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Really nice bikes, get along to BMM and say hello.

Cumbrian? Lock up yer wives.

Where in Cumbria you from mate?

Were based in West London, Wembly area at the weekends. look forward to seeing you on Lewis bimble to dead mans leap.:smiley: