Got rear-ended this morning

He sounds dodgy as feck.

I agree that this is probably an unisured driver and you should DEFINITELY report the accident.

If he IS an uninsured driver - imagine if he hit you harder and you had some serious damage to yourself, or even run down the guy in the crossing?

The is NO excuse for not having insurance, especially when us good folk have to pay enormous amounts to pay for pr!cks like that.

Do it properly, shop him to the fuzz.

I would get on to your insurance company within a week, give him a deadline. A shunt from the back usually means they are at fault.

Insurance premiums will still take a hit though. best to keep them out of it if at all possible.

Sorry to say, but I really think this guy wont pay up and go missing, problem is that the plate wont get anywhere and as you don’t have a name he will just say it was his mate driving not him. Police wont bother going any further with it…

But glad that you are OK, but doubt you are going to get any cash for this.

  1. glad you’re ok and there wasn’t too much damage.

  2. As soon as he said no to swapping details, I would have got phone phone out and offered to call police, it might have got him to release his details, take pics of numberplate etc etc…

when we have an accident at work, we are advised to ‘not enter into any conversation’ and take as many details as possible, weather conditions etc

Argh sorry to hear this, this has happened to me three times since I started riding in '97 so I know how you feel, it’s not nice when a car or van rams you up the rear when you are on a bike. Might be wise to get yourself checked out to be on the safe side, in case of any lurking injuries that haven’t manifested themselves yet. University College Hospital’s not far from there, and it has a good A&E department.

Get your bike thoroughly inspected by a dealer as there may well be hidden damage that you’re not aware of yet (again, I am speaking from experience here) then text him with a list and costings, incl labour and VAT. Offer to send him a hard copy of the estimate - obviously you will need his address for that.

If he doesn’t respond after one day, ring him. If he refuses to pay (get the money in advance of getting the work done), then insist on getting his name, address and full insurance details so you can go through his insurance. Then pass them on to these people to pursue this on your behalf.

If he refuses to give you the details or you are unable to contact him, then you should definitely report him to the police, as he will have failed to give his details. Wait 24 hours after the accident before you do that, though, as legally he has 24 hours to give his details to the police if he didn’t give you his details at the scene.

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If he was such a knob at the scene, do you really honestly think he’s going to play ball when it comes to him giving you money? You can thank ‘god’ all you want, but he hit you and hasn’t provided details, and that my friend is against the law. I don’t think ‘what could have been’ should have any part to play in your response…

You effictively have a licence plate that you have no idea is cloned or not, and a mobile phone number. Report to police and see if either turn up anything imo.

glad your ok pal.

You can check to see if the vehicle is on the insurance database here:

If he starts ignoring you PM me the mobile number and I will get his full name, age, DOB, address, home phone number, mothers maiden name, contract end date, handset he uses and even his email address that will freak him out :cool:

Pm him that info rather than implicating yourself here

last time that happened to me and it sounds just the same as yours, i got paid out £7,000 +

Some chap at work had a shunt on the motorway in traffic only a low speed one. The chap refused to give his details so he reported it to the police and the insurance companies resolved it. It wasn’t really any hassle. If the chap is un cooperative I’d just do that.

When a removal van (which I hired) reversed into my car I got a quote for the repair and they paid Volvo directly. If you get a quote for the can the chap might just pay up. I’d get the bike inspected anyway.

Must be the day for it… I got hit from behind on the M4 this morning… :angry:

I’ve checked the reg number it says it is insured.Are you Old Bill?

Sorry to hear that dude…hope you are ok.

Don’t know why, but I am feeling pretty low now.

So I’ve taken the bike to Keith at Motopsycho (big up to Keith as always…lovely chap that he is) and he thinks it is a 10 minute job to fix the can. Basically the rivets have popped at the end where it meets the link pipe. He doesn’t think there is any other damage.I just don’t know whether it is worth the hassle to report it and speak to insurance company for something which is going to take Keith 10 minutes to put right. There is a scrape on the can, but it is very slight and might even buff out.

no, don’t really want to say but I could get those details if need be.

Please tell me you work for Mossad…that would be very useful.


The problem with AskMid is that all it tells you is that at least one vehicle using those plates is insured. With the number of cloned plates out there, I have less faith in it than I used to.

Can I ask that you do report him, as I also ride that same road most mornings, about 15 minutes before you.

I think that no action will be taken, but it would be nice to think that something has been put on his record and if he does it again, then they can say, hey mate, this is not the first time you’ve done this…

Also I think if you don’t report it, and something else does happen, you maybe saying what if…